Five Mistakes Clients Make When Applying for a Payday Loan

Five Mistakes Clients Make When Applying for a Payday Loan

08/17/2018 0 By Norman

Payday loans are very beneficial types of financial credits. They are cheaper compared to long-dated ones. They help people to cover some basic needs. There are many MFIs that propose a payday loan. It is essential that a person doesn’t make mistakes when requesting a short-term loan. The fewer mistakes a person makes during the whole application process, the better.

Mistakes to Avoid

Short-term loans are not distributed at banks. In the majority of cases, they are proposed by independent financial institutions. These companies usually operate online. Here are the main mistakes a borrower can do when requesting a short-term loan:

  1. Choosing one loan provider. If a borrower does not have several alternative companies, a loan will not be beneficial. In case a person has several small loans offers from different companies, he/she can choose the most beneficial offer. It is good if a person makes a request at joint platforms to ask for a credit. Such companies work as facilitators between a borrower and a lender and they take a fair commission for their services.
  2. Escaping negotiations with a lending company. It is another popular mistake. Small loans are taken by people with moderate income. They feel too dependent on money to negotiate. In reality, there is a need for negotiations. It is possible to reduce the interest rate. If needed, a person can also ask to postpone a return date.
  3. Applying for a maximum sum of a small loan. It is another mistake that is often made. The sum of a small loan fluctuates from 400 – 2000 dollars. Some people ask for a maximum amount. They do not take into account a fact, that the higher the sum of a loan is, the higher is the interest rate. This way, borrowing money becomes far too expensive.
  4. Ignoring a return date. After a borrower accepted a credit offer, he/she will be asked to sign a loan agreement. This agreement will define a precise date when a credit has to be returned. Some people think, there is nothing bad to return a credit not in time. It is not so as a person can get fined. The later the credit money is paid back, the worse.
  5. Provision of proprietorship documents to a lending company. Lending companies want to get as much information as possible about a borrower’s property. There is no need to show all proprietorship documents a borrower has. In case a loan will not be paid back, an MFO can confiscate personal property for a borrower.

These are 5 commonly made mistakes. It is important to omit to make them. If a person does not commit such mistakes, the loan taking will be very beneficial.

One should remember that it is better to take several small loans. In this case, an interest rate for very small loan will be quite low. A person will also gain a better credit score. The higher the score is, the better it is. After taking several small loans one can apply for a long-dated loan. Long-term financing is bigger.